Hello world!

Hello world! Ha, it would be cool if the whole world were reading this post. But hey, gotta start somewhere. My name is Frances Louise Quayle Iacuzzi, (thanks parents for this mouthful of a name ;-)) and I recently moved to Los Angeles after graduating in 2008 from Colgate University in upstate New York. Besides earning a degree in Sociology and Anthropology, I played Division I soccer for Colgate where I experienced some of the most joyful, thrilling, heart-wrenching, and exciting moments of my young adult life. As I’ve committed my life to soccer since the ripe age of three, when it came to an end I felt like my entire life had come to a standstill. I grew empathy for soldiers who have been on the intensity of the battlefield for months or years when suddenly they get sent home to…well…”normal” living. My whole purpose in life as soccer player was primarily to score goals and create scoring opportunities for my team, so after I hung up my cleats after our season ended in October 2007, I knew it was time to develop new goals…ones that didn’t necessarily involve nets and goal keepers.

I take pleasure in travel and experiencing other cultures, so after graduating I made plans to move to Florence, Italy, to undergo an intensive TEFL program where I learned how to teach English as a foreign language (http://www.vialingua.org/). Shortly thereafter I decided to volunteer to work on an organic farm outside of Rome through a program called WWOOFing (world wide opportunities on organic farms, http://www.wwoof.org/). What an experience that was! Let’s just say that I will never make fun of Paris and Nicole on “The Simple Life” ever again. From Rome I took a three-week trip to India led by spiritual guide and transformational life coach, Candace Silvers (http://www.candacesilvers.com/), where we visited the breathtaking backwaters of Kerala before heading to Rishikesh, meditation and yoga mecca located on the foothills of the Himalayas on the back of River Ganges. After that life-altering journey, I returned to Sicily where I was greeted by my big fat Italian family! Well, they’re not all big and fat, but there sure are a lot of them, which means loads of love and kisses, scrumptious food, and endless chatter! Dio mio! After hundreds of photos and memories, I finally returned to my hometown, Evanston, a suburb of Chicago, to enjoy the holidays and recharge my batteries.

In February 2009 I made the decision to move to Los Angeles where my older sister had been residing to test my luck and fate in this tumultuous city. Unsure of the career path I wished to veer toward, I remained open to all opportunities that came my way. A summer internship with Janet Billig Rich, music supervisor and manager, in 2008 opened several doors for me. I became singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb’s (http://www.lisaloeb.com/) personal assistant as well as professional photographer Justine Ungaro’s administrative assistant (http://www.justineungaro.com/). Both opportunities have been instrumental in my introduction to “the real world,” as people like to call it these days.

Working for Justine for just a few months now has opened my eyes entirely to the world of photography. A product of my father who used to be a professional photographer and is never without a camera, I have always loved taking pictures. It is probably how I was able to survive all the traveling I did in 2008. Justine, however, has completely changed my vantage point, and my photographic lens sharpens the more I am exposed to her images, which are all out-of-this-world amazing. I have also assisted her with a few wedding shoots and crave more experiences like those. I think what I love most about the art of photography is that each photo is a true representation of a person’s perspective of the world. I once heard that only ten percent of what we see is reality while the other ninety percent is our perception. If this is indeed true, no two people can take the exact same picture since they see the world through different eyes. I love that. I’m also blown away by technology and the science behind the camera (never was a science-y person). All in all, it is a fascinating field to be in, with limitless room for growth. I am so grateful to be a photographer and am excited to share this journey with whoever is interested!

Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog, and I hope you enjoy my photos. 🙂



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8 responses to “Hello world!

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  2. Mama Judith

    Frances Louise Quayle Iacuzzi, I very much enjoyed reading your blog, especially your comments about how differently we all view the world..with or without a camera’s lens. I think I’ll name a pie after your blog. More-Goals-Than-Nuts Pie. Whatcha think?

  3. David Iacuzzi

    It was fun reading this sis. Very good!

  4. Anthony Iacuzzi

    Frances, not only do you have an eye for photography, you also have a way with words. I enjoyed reading your first post. I think that you were being too modest, however, when you talked about your soccer career and didn’t mention your many extraordinary accomplishments, such as being a high school state soccer champion, and setting a new goal scoring record at Colgate, just to name a couple.

    By the way, calling me a professional photographer is probably a bit too generous a description of my short-lived tenure in that capacity. I have been, more accurately, a serious amateur photographer my whole adult life. I am very pleased to see that you are pursuing what has been for me an endless source of enjoyment and self-expression. I look forward to following your progression in the exciting and creative profession of photography.

    Best of luck,
    Your loving Dad

  5. ai

    Frances, your pics of Boyan definitely accomplished what Boyan intended for the shoot. The compositions are strong and engaging. They push the limits and give the viewer a palpable sense of Boyan’s persona. I was left wanting to see more pics, especially the animated poses. Nice work.

  6. I know you have a fantastic career in front of you my darling…so much raw talent just bursting out of you! 🙂

  7. Keith Tisdell


    I must say, I love the photos, each having bursting character about them. The way your words are written speaks loudly to who you are! You have an amazing light about you, and a great eye for photography, look forward to working with you.

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