Boyan D.

I recently shot a friend of mine, Boyan, at a park in Encino, California. Boyan has experience modeling as well as acting, as he recently costarred in the film The Father (2009) by Anthony Rolfes. Half Greek and half Bulgarian, this Spartan has a very dynamic personality and tends to be on the more serious side, especially on camera. His wide range of character coupled with his funky outfits made the shoot especially enjoyable for me. His intentions for the shoot were “to play outside the limits of human conditioning as an actor, model or being.” As serious as he may be, I know we had a lot of laughs that day. Thanks Boyan for being so much fun to work with!











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4 responses to “Boyan D.

  1. very strong pics! my fav is the one where the little guitar is in the forefront.

    when are we rooftop/bathroom shooting? we got to pull something together!

    have you done your website homework? hahahah

    mandee 😉

  2. Emma K

    Ooooh, I love these! the guitar one in the front is also my favorite, but i love the one where he is sitting below the graffiti…when is my back making an appearance?! lol….to do for when you come to NC!!!

  3. Liz I

    Frances! These pics of Boyan are sensational! You have grown so much as a photographer already! I love the depth and maturity shown in these shots. And the angles and framing coupled with the expressions you captured are just great. Great work!

  4. meredith

    I am so impressed with your skill and talent! I know you will be successful in anything you do, great work!

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