Rachel and Tonje’s ‘Fun Shoot’

A few weeks ago I photographed a couple of my actor/model friends, Rachel and Tonje. A bit about them…

Rachel is from San Francisco and has lived in Los Angeles for over four years pursuing writing, acting, and modeling. She began writing at age seven and performing on stage since she was eight. She has a strong background in improv and sketch comedy. “I am a self proclaimed theater geek.” Her modeling experience ranges from friends’ art projects to fit modeling for a popular high-end retailer in LA. She is currently modeling for a group of local fashion designers here in LA as well as runway and print. Rachel plans to keep creating art on a daily basis for the rest of her life, whether that means writing alone in her room or starring in a major motion picture. When I asked Rachel why she wanted to have a photoshoot with Tonje, she replied, “Tonje’s a good friend of mine and I wanted to do a fun shoot with her. I would love to work with her in the future, I think we look good together…..plus she’s really really cute!”

Tonje is originally from Norway, though she has lived in Los Angles for the past four years. She has been a good friend of mine ever since I moved here. She has a lot of experience with modeling, acting, and also voice over work. To name a few, she did voice over work for the TV show Bones, she was a character in a Sour Patch Kids video game, and she was recently in a Foot Locker commercial. Tonje is a fun loving human being with quirky personality. When I asked her if she had any career goals or ambitions she responded, “I like to play the game of life!” Need I say more?


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