Ashley P.

Meet Ashley: the Texas native who moved to The City of Angels two and a half years ago after working temporarily on a job and deciding to stay. Her passion? Theatre. Ashley’s been involved in the performing arts since age five, and it has remained one of the few consistencies of her young adult life. Her family moved around often while she was growing up, so she was exposed to many new community theatres. She graduated with a BFA in Theatre Arts and moved to New York post college where she saw that “acting is more than standing on a stage or in front of a camera and holding a mirror, but that it’s also a business,” which she finds endlessly fascinating. Ashley carries this hard-working mentality into her everyday life. On a typical Saturday morning, you can find her working, emailing, or researching. However, if she wakes up really early before she’s fully awake, she likes to make breakfast and watch a movie. Five years from now, she sees herself working as an actor. The combination of Ashley’s innocence and candid personality made her a delight to work with, and I must say, for dreading having her pictures taken, she is incredibly photogenic! A special thank you to my sister, Liz, for directing the shoot.



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2 responses to “Ashley P.

  1. Great pictures Fran Fran!!! Love it!

  2. Judy

    Great shots, Fran, you capture many different and lovely aspects of Ashley. I am impressed with your work. Keep it up!

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