Diana Sproveri: Designer Bake Shop

Meet Diana Sproveri – one of the hardest working women and best pastry chefs I have ever known. After living in Los Angeles for twelve years, this Buffalo native finally decided to open her very own pastry chop. Diana Sproveri Designer Bake Shop, located in Tarzana, CA, is home of her famous Lollibakes and is now open to the public.

I had the pleasure of working for Di for several months, and there was never a dull moment. Not only dedicated to her trade, she is also a proud mother of her charming 3 1/2 year old son, Chase. How she does it all? I have no idea. So I decided to ask her a few questions…

Q: What does it feel like to have just opened your very own bake shop in Los Angeles, CA?

A: It’s a combination of exhilaration and fear.  There is a sense of pride that what I’m making is out there for everyone to see – of course, you hope they like it!

Q: What has been the most exciting part about having the new shop?

A: Meeting a new customer and seeing their face the first time they bite into something from the shop.  It never gets old.

Q: What has been the greatest challenge?

A: Enjoying the ride when you’re overwhelmed with the challenges of opening a bake shop.  It’s difficult to sit back and realize what you’re accomplishing.

Q: What is your favorite dessert to make and why?

A: My favorite desserts tend to be ones that remind me of my childhood.  My shop is full of recipes that I’ve been making and eating since I was young.  It’s hard to pick a favorite, but one is the orange-zested jewel cookie.  The recipe is what my mother used for our Christmas cut out cookies every year.  Of course, cupcakes give me the most room to be creative with flavors.  Coming up with a new layer of flavor for a cupcake is probably my biggest passion.

Q: What inspired you to make your very first batch of lollibakes/how did it come about?

A: I had read about cake pops and how they are made.  After seeing the recipes that were published using cake mix, I knew I could improve upon the idea by making the entire cake pop from scratch and using real, tempered chocolate.  It took awhile, but I actually formulated cake and icing that when mixed together made the perfect cake pop.  I first served them at a party and they were a hit from day one.
Q: What is your personal favorite lollibake flavor?
A: All of the chocolate varieties are a hit with me, but if I had to pick my favorite, it would be Lemon Ice.  I’ve eaten far too many.
Q: What is a typical day in the life of Diana Sproveri?
A: My life is a constant juggling act between being a mom and running a business.  It’s early days, late nights, never sitting down.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Q: Any specific goals for the new year?
A: I was thrilled with the success of Lollibakes.  In the coming year, I’d like to create the next thing that no one has ever seen before.  Or perhaps I already have. (smile)
Now we know a bit more about Diana’s key ingredients to success, but some will always remain a secret. If your mouth is watering, head on over to the new shop, located at: 18641 Ventura Blvd. Tarzana, CA 91356.
And thank you, Di, for making our lives a little sweeter.  🙂

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