Paddle Jam 2010: Celebrity Ping-Pong Tournament

Seven years ago Los Angeles native and Northwestern University graduate Kevin Seldon started the marketing firm, Keldof, to raise awareness and excitement around brands and non-profits. In 2006, Keldof was a major player in the launch of the NBC – Universal Initiative called Diversecity, helping to bring on more partners to support the initiative, contributing to its success (see Seldon became inspired to spark enthusiasm in more fun ways in order to create initiatives that raised awareness around non-profits. He knew that a sure way to achieve this was to involve branding, celebrities and the press. Thus, the first ever Paddle Jam event took place in 2007 to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

At the end of 2009, Keldof decided to bring back Paddle Jam in order to benefit several major causes rather than just one. On September 26, 2010, the second Ultimate Slam Paddle Jam event was held at The Music Box in Los Angeles.

This celebrity ping-pong tournament incorporated eight teams, each representing one of eight different non-profits. In this friendly sporting event two celebs played for each cause: Rock the Vote, The Human Society of the United States, the Equality California Institute, Oceana, Habitat for Humanity, The Ann & George Lopez Foundation, Youth Mentoring Connection, and The Cause Coalition.

A slew of optimistic, fun, energetic celebrities teamed up to attract positive energy to eight worthwhile causes. Participants included: George Lopez, David Banner, Jessica Sutta, Taylor Cole, Danielle Dotzenrod, Aimee Garcia, Greg Grunberg, Simon Helberg, Josh Henderson, Jesse Williams, Zachary Levi, LMFAO, Hal Sparks, Sherri Saum, Harold Perrineau, Adoni Maropis, and Aaron Q.

Seldon deemed the event “wildly successful,” as over 500 people attended, and it received over 750 million media hits. Best Buy made donations to each non-profit, and it marked the first time that eight different cause categories were brought together. However, Seldon reiterated that Paddle Jam was not intended to be a fundraiser but rather a “fun way to raise awareness.”

Seldon announced that the purpose of the event was to not only raise awareness around the eight initiatives but to also give people the chance to promote these causes without spending a dime. By visiting:, you will see that there are several different free and easy ways you can help support each cause.

2011- Seldon is excited about upcoming projects currently in the works for the New Year. In February, the 7th Annual Roots Jam Session will take place the night before the 53rd Grammy Awards (see There is also talk of a 2011 Paddle Jam Tournament so stay tuned…

Keldof is a full service cause-marketing firm, specializing in production and multimedia advertising as well as branding consultancy.  Keldof is drawn toward projects and events that create excitement around branding while supporting worthwhile causes. To find out more information about Keldof, visit:

Hope you enjoyed my photos. Now take action and support the causes! Visit


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  1. Judy

    the photos and story are great! I want to know which one is Keven Seldon? Top stuff, Francesca! Love yomama

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