Cheryl Guerriero, Los Angeles Writer

Meet Cheryl: a fun-loving, creative, endearing Los Angeles writer and New Jersey native. I took Cheryl’s headshots last week and was lucky enough to see many beautiful sides to this Madonna-loving, free-spirited Italian girl. Curious about her journey as a writer, I asked Cheryl a few questions about it.

A: How long have you been a writer and what led you to this creative field?

Q: There was something that I witnessed that gave me an idea for a movie. And up until that point I was pretty bored with the jobs I had. I wasn’t passionate about any of them. Then I had this idea…. and I started writing. It was a New Year’s Eve when I first sat down at my computer to write and I was so damn happy… I realized this is what I want to do.

Q: What sorts of genres do you tend to write?

A: I’ve written in all genres. I love dramas, even though they are the most difficult screenplays to get sold and made. But movies like THE TOWN – I really enjoyed that movie. Essentially – it was a drama, masked in action.

Q: Any pieces you’re especially proud of?
A: I’m proud of every script I have given birth to… they are all my “babies.” Although if I have to pick the script I’m most proud of it would be the last screenplay I wrote….. But don’t tell the others!

Q: Any specific goals/aspirations you have as a writer?
A: To not jump out the window, or turn on the gas and close the windows when the writing process is torturing me.

Q: What tends to help you most when you’re feeling blocked?
A: My vibrator. Or I walk around the block for awhile.

Q: What do you enjoy most about being a writer? Least?
A: When I write a scene or dialogue for my characters and I know I hit it out of the park. And when others read my work and have enjoyed what I wrote. Least – not being able to make a decision.

Q: Besides writing, what other sorts of activities do you enjoy?
A: Swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. The Pacific is too damn cold.

~A giant thank you to Cheryl for giving me the opportunity to photograph her and also to makeup artist Katy Holland for helping out with the shoot!!!~



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2 responses to “Cheryl Guerriero, Los Angeles Writer

  1. Judy

    great photos and interview, Frances. I enjoyed seeing it and reading it all. xo

  2. SC

    amazing work! love it!!!!!!

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